Physics :

Physics is the most fundamental of the experimental sciences, as it seeks to 

explain the universe itself from the very smallest particles to the vast distances 

between galaxies. Alongside the growth in our understanding of the natural 

world, perhaps the more obvious and relevant result of Physics to most of our 

students is our ability to change the world. This is the technological side of 

Physics, in which physical principles have been applied to construct and alter 

the material world to suit our needs, and have had a profound influence on the 

daily lives of all human beings. 


然世界加深理解的同时, 更重要的是培养学生改变世界的能力。 在科技物理方面,

物理学原理可应用于构建和改变物质世界来满足人类的需求, 对人类的日常生活



The IBDP Physics course includes the essential principles of the subject but 

also, through selection of an option, allows teachers some flexibility to tailor 

the course to meet the needs of their students. The course is available at both 

SL and HL, and therefore accommodates students who wish to study Physics 

as their major subject in higher education and those who do not. 

IBDP 的物理课程包含了基本的物理学原理,但选修章节又为学生的不同需




Syllabus Outline 课程架构 

The curriculum consists of the following core components 


1.Measurements and uncertainties测量与误差 


3.Thermal physics热物理 


5.Electricity and magnetism 电和磁 

6.Circular motion and gravitation 圆周运动和引力

7.Atomic, nuclear and particle physics 原子,核物理和粒子物理 

8.Energy production 能源生产 


Additional higher level (AHL) 高级主题 

9.Wave phenomena 波现象 


11.Electromagnetic induction 电磁感应 

12.Quantum and nuclear physics 量子与核物理 


Options 选修主题 

A. Relativity 相对论 

B. Engineering physics工程物理 

C. Imaging成像 

D. Astrophysics天体物理