IBO Consultant's Visit for Application of IBDP Authorisation 国际文凭组织顾问来我校进行大学预科项目的授权访问


On the 20th – 21st of October, IB Consultant Mr. Nigel Forbes-Harper, representing the IBO Asia Pacific, made an Authorization visit to our school. He met with CEO Ms Zhang, SIP Principal Mr Ge, Vice Principal Mr Li and IB Division Principal Mr Seow, who gave an update on the ongoing process of implementing the IB Diploma programme in this school. This was followed by a meeting with the pedagogy leaders, to better understand the programme.

10月20-21日,国际文凭组织亚太办事处IB顾问 Mr Nigel Forbes Harper 对我校进行了为期两天的授权访问。首先,他和我校张永红董事长、葛翠兵校长、李方华副校长和IB校长Mr Seow会面,深入了解国际文凭大学预科项目在我校的筹备和实施近况,随后,他和各学科负责人也进行了交流,旨在帮助我们更好地理解课程。


The next day was devoted to sessions with parents, students and teachers. Meeting with teachers in their respective subject groups, and reviewing their folders and documents enabled him to have a comprehensive understanding of the vision, philosophy and methodology of the IB team. He gave highly favourable comments on the progress and direction of the programme, and affirmed that the division’s values were closely aligned with those of the IB’s. He also applauded some innovative approaches adopted by the team. On the whole, the visit was successful one.

10月21日,Mr Nigel Forbes Harper 和家长、学生和老师们进行了会面。他和各学科老师进行了面谈,回顾了相关的课程文件,他对我校IB团队的愿景、理念和教学方法有了一个全面的了解。他高度称赞了我校IB项目的筹备过程和价值导向,并积极肯定了学校的理念和IB的理念是一致的。他也对我们教学队伍中所采用的一些创新的方法表示赞赏。总体来说,这是一次成功的访问。


On 1 November 2015, the IBO Asia Pacific office commended the school on its excellent efforts and commitment in the process of preparing for the IBDP authorization. It has scheduled a final verification visit in late March 2016.