IGCSE的全称是国际中学教育普通证书,是一项面向14-16岁学生、受到国际广泛承认的资格证明。该项目涵盖广泛课程,为学生打下坚实的知识基础。学生完成学习后将参加考试,并获得每一科目相应的独立证书。有了IGCSE成绩,学生能够更快适应A-Level课程的学习,并且IGCSE和A Level证书受到全世界学术机构和雇主的认可,拥有更广泛的就业机会。

International GCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)are globally recognised qualifications with academic content and assessment designed specifically for international learners aged 14-16. It covers a wide range of courses and lays a solid knowledge foundation for students further study. After completing their studies, students will take the IGCSE exam and obtain the corresponding independent certificate for each subject. IGCSE and A-level certificates are recognized by academic institutions and employers all over the world and have a wider range of employment opportunities.

我们为学生提供均衡全面、个性化的IGCSE课程 , 为学生的成功打下最扎实的基础。

We offer two-year IGCSE courses, which are well-balanced, personalized courses providing the best foundation for future.