GCSE Music study guide

GCSE Music study guide :

Y10 Music Course Description


The purpose of the Year 10 bridging programme is to infuse students with an enthusiasm for all genres of music, as well as encouraging an interactive and creative approach to the study of music. Throughout the course, students will be provided with the performance, compositional and listening tools required to progress on to the IB programme. These skills will be developed through solo and group performances, students’ own compositions, written commentaries on music from all eras and comparisons of set pieces. Performance etiquette and other aspects of the practical elements of music will also be incorporated during lessons.


Topics covered in the first semester will be as follows:

1.        Introduction to Music Theory

2.        Introduction to the History of Music

3.        Introduction to Film Music


Topics covered in the second semester will be as follows:

1.        Introduction to World Music

2.        Putting it all Together (Music listening and analysis)


As students move through these various topics, they will develop an awareness of musical style and key concepts (in accordance with the Approaches to Learning skills) and have an understanding of the Learner Profile attributes and Theory of Knowledge required for advancing to higher international learning.





1. 音乐理论入门

2. 音乐历史介绍

3. 电影音乐鉴赏



1. 世界音乐鉴赏

2. 融会贯通(音乐赏析和分析)