Chemistry :

IB Chemistry focuses on teaching the basic theory, academic research and 

practical investigation skills. In the experiment and evaluation sections, 

Chemistry students use data booklets supplied by IBO to make conclusions 

from academic and practical observations. This booklet provides the students 

with useful data and reliable information.   

IB 化学专注于教授学生基础的化学原理,学术性研究以及实践性的调查研

究技术。在实验和评估中,选择化学的学生使用IBO 提供的化学数据手册。这本



Syllabus Outline 课程结构 

Since the concepts in Chemistry are closely linked to one another, teachers 

will teach the course by using appropriate teaching methods which are suitable 

for the students. The courses comprise the following topics in no specific order. 

化学中所涉及的内容是有规律的, 教师可以自行按照适合班级的教学方法安



Eleven core topics in total(HL and SL) 一共有11 个核心主题 (高级和普通水平)  

1 Stoichiometric relationship 定量化学 

2 Atomic structure 原子结构 

3 Periodicity 周期性 

4  Chemical bonding and structure 化学键与结构 

5 Energetics / thermochemistry 热化学 

6 Chemical kinetics 化学动力学 16 


7 Equilibrium 化学平衡 

8  Acids and bases酸与碱 

9 Redox processes 氧化还原反应 

10 Organic chemistry 有机化学 

11 Measurement and data processing 测量和数据处理 


All the above topics will be studied in a wider and deeper context for higher 

level except the first topic.   


In elective courses, HL and SL students select one topic from the following four 




1. Materials 材料学 

2. Biochemistry 生物化学 

3. Energy能源 

4. Medical chemistry药物化学