Mathematics :

Mathematics bridging program helps students to grasp the basic foundation concepts in order to be prepared for the IBDP Mathematics courses. We also focused in teaching student to use ICT skill, like use of Excel. The rationale behind this is to prepare students to use Graphic Design Calculator (GDC). GDC is very similar to Excel in many ways, including data input and processing, graph plotting reading and handling. Beside, Excel and other similar database software have become popular tools for modern business, so learning it will also help students to develop professional skill for future use.

数学衔接课程帮助学生掌握基本的基础概念,为了IBDP数学课程做好准备。我注重在教学学生使用电脑和信息通信技术的技能的培训,如使用Excel。这样做的理由是为了培养学生使用平面设计计算器(GDC)。 GDC和Excel在许多方面是非常相似的,包括数据输入和处理,图形绘制读取和处理。除此之外,Excel和其它类似的数据库软件已经成为现代企业流行的工具,所以学习Excel也将帮助学生发展专业技能以备将来使用。

Learning Activity

To enhance students’ learning of Excel, after each topic students have to do a mini project on different topics using Excel. The following is a sample of one of the project. Students have to create an automated spreadsheet that accept price of apartment, saving per month and interest rate as input and calculate the time need for such a purchase action.


Topics covered in year 10:


Compound interest

Simultaneous equation

Quadratic equation


Area and volume

Coordinate geometry



Set and Venn diagram

Simple Statistic and probability