core curriculum

core curriculum :

Foundations of Knowledge-Essential Studies 知识基础-核心问题探究

This is a course of General Knowledge which helps students to reflect the knowledge that they have learned in different subjects, and this is also a bridging course to prepare students for the core course-Theory of Knowledge(TOK) in IBDP. It aims to encourage students to develop independent and critical thinking, intercultural understanding and open-mindedness.

It will focus on different areas of knowledge to encourage students to be inquirers through presentations, class discussions, debates and projects etc.


本课程将围绕不同的知识领域,鼓励学生通过口头表达、班级讨论、辩论和专题作业等 形式展开探究。

Mini Extended Essay 微型专题论文

The IBDP’s core compulsory component, the Extended Essay (EE) is a rigorous piece of independent research undertaken by the students in preparation for university studies. It allows students to explore an area of personal interest and build self-discipline, research skills, critical thinking as well as presentation skills. Students can choose from any of the subjects they are studying, though they are strongly encouraged to do the EE on a Higher Level (HL) subject. A relevant subject teacher will be allocated to each of them as a supervisor, but students will have to come up with the research questions, schedule of work, and do the secondary reading on their own. There will be a chance for students to simulate the necessary process in a Mini-EE Week in their pre-IB grade ten year, in which they will only be required to submit a report half the word count of the 4000-word actual EE. At university application interviews, talking about their investigations and discoveries in their EE can also stand the students in good stead.