Chemistry :

In Year 10, we integrate Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry with the teaching of other skills, which will prepare our students for the IBDP. We aim for our students to be able to develop relevant attitudes (e.g. accuracy and precision, etc), systematic problem-solving, efficient and safe practice, effective scientific communication, interest in the environment, understanding of the scientific skills and awareness of the limitations placed on scientific study by society, economy, technology, ethics and the environment.

Basic course

1.    States of matter

2.    Separating substances

3.    atoms and elements

4.    atoms combining

5.    reacting masses, and chemical equations

6.    using moles

7.    redox reactions

8.    electricity and chemical change

9.    energy changes, and reversible reactions

10. the speed of a reaction

11. acids, bases, and salts

12. the periodic table

13. the behavior of metals

14. making use of metals

15. air and water

16. some non –metals and their compounds

17. organic chemistry

18. polymers

19. in the lab



1. 物质的状态

2.  物质的分离

3. 原子与元素

4. 原子的结合

5. 反应质量与化学方程式

6. 摩尔

7. 氧化还原反应

8.  电与化学变化

9.  能量变化与可逆反应

10. 反应速度

11. 酸,碱和盐

12. 元素周期表

13. 金属特性

14. 金属应用

15. 空气和水

16. 非金属与它们的化合物

17. 有机化学

18. 聚合物

19. 实验