IBDP Verification Visit

Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School is now an authorized IB World School and has been given the green light to implement the IB Diploma Programme from September 2016. We are very proud to have attained the status of an IB World School within 13 months.


On 30th March 2016, the school welcomed Ms Kristi Pozon and Mr Kennedy Bwanga, members of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) school verification team for the proposed IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). This was a much-awaited moment for the school, especially the IB Division, and one that had been preceded by months of preparation. Ms Pozon, the team leader, and her colleague, Mr Kennedy Bwanga, are experienced IB teachers and coordinators who have represented the IBO on school visits for authorization and evaluation. They spent three days in the school, meeting up with the different stakeholders in order to be able to report on our readiness for the commencement of the IBDP in September 2016.

2016年3月30日,国际文凭组织(IBO)验证访问团官员Kristi Pozon女士和Kennedy Bwanga先生莅临我校进行授权考察。IB国际部已为此次访问筹备数月。作为访问团领队的Pozon女士及其同事Bwanga先生都是资深的IB教师,他们同时也是作为协调员,代表国际文凭组织就授权和评估来我校进行访问。他们在我校的考察为期三天,与不同部门的负责人或相关人员会谈,旨在向IB组织汇报我校2016年9月的国际文凭大学预科项目(IBDP)的筹备工作是否已到位。

On the first day, they met with the School’s Director, Ms Zhang, Principal Ge, High school Principal Oliver Li and IB Division Principal Joel Seow for an introductory session to understand the school administrative structure and the school’s decision to implement the programme. They took the opportunity to affirm the school’s efforts and its commitment to the programme. Subsequently, they inspected some of the mandatory IBDP facilities, including the science laboratories and the library.

访问首日,他们先与学校的董事长张永红女士、总校长葛翠兵先生、副校长李方华先生和IB国际部校长Joel Seow先生会谈,对学校的行政管理机构和学校实施IBDP课程的决策有了一个概要的了解。他们也借此机会肯定了学校为项目授权所付出的努力和决心。接着,他们视察了一些实施IBDP项目所要求的硬件设施,包括科学实验室和图书馆。

On the second day, they arrived early in school to start a hectic day of meetings. Interviews were conducted for all subject teachers and supporting staff members. The meetings were mainly aimed at evaluating the teachers' understanding and state of preparedness for delivering their respective courses. The team also met with the school librarians. The final session of the day was the dialogue with parents.


All sessions proved highly fruitful and the team was so engrossed in each of these exchanges that the day extended a full hour beyond the allocated time. 


On the last day of the visit, the team met the students of the Year 10 bridging programme. This was followed by a few other meetings with the respective teachers- in- charge of key IBDP supporting programmes. The day ended with a closure meeting with Principal Ge, Mr. Oliver Li and Mr. Joel Seow.

访问的最后一日,访问团与10年级预备班的学生进行了会谈。接下来,则是与负责IBDP重要支持课程的相关老师们会谈。此次访问最后以访问团与总校长葛翠兵先生、副校长李方华先生和IB国际部校长Joel Seow先生会谈而告以顺利结束。

The IBO visiting members were highly meticulous and thorough during their 3-day verification visit. They are very impressed with the school’s facilities and resources, as these are considered key factors for the success of an IBDP Programme. Our facilities have far exceeded the official requirements. The science laboratories have met all safety measures and the library is easily accessible to all students from 7 am - 9 pm for at least 5 days a week. They spoke highly of the highly qualified teachers and commended the DP Coordinator for having a thorough understanding of the Programme. Parents were very supportive of the Programme and gave positive feedback on their children’s development since joining the bridging programme. The IBO visiting members commended our Year 10 bridging programme for preparing our students well in both skills and language ability. They are particularly impressed with the students’ level of English proficiency and the extent of their development of the IB Learner Profile attributes.


Though this period has been a highly stressful one for most of us in the IB Division, it was well worth our efforts, as we have experienced the unity and cohesiveness born of a common commitment to excellence in education.