Initial discussions over the possibility of a joint programme between the IB Division of SIPFLS and Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut (STMHS) started in the month of December 2016 SIPFLS High School Principal, Mr Oliver Li and IB Division Principal,Mr Joel Seow had several meetings with Dr Emily Guo, Director of Spiral International in USA to lay out plans for collaboration. In Feb 2017, the parties met Mr Louis Allen, Board Director Member of STMHS, formerly Principal of the schoolto further map out these plans. This was followed by another trip from 7 to 9 July to match the curricula of the respectiveprogrammes.Mr Joel Seow and IB Head of English and Humanities, Ms Evelyn Tan met with Mr Louis Allen and his team of middle management representatives and relevant subject teachersto match individual subjects by modules, achievement levels and exams. The frequency, duration and nature of both face- to- face and online interaction were proposed. The qualification obtained upon completion of the joint programme was also decided.