English B

English B :

The objective for the Year 10 English programme is to introduce the students to the receptive, productive and interactive skills that they will need to in order to progress to the IB programme. These are essentially Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills practiced and developed in an integrated manner. In Year 10, they begin to do their own researchon a topic, and put together an individual oral presentation and a group presentation, and a written assignment.Clarity, voice projection and other aspects of oral delivery will also be incorporated during lessons. Where necessary, remedial English sessions are conducted for those who need to redress some fundamental aspects (e.g. grammar, spelling, etc.).


In Semester One, they will cover Hobbies and Interest, Animals and Us, Science and Technology, and Food and Fitness.

In Semester Two, they will cover Health, and Literature appreciation.


As they move through the various topics, they will increasingly develop an awareness of key/thematic concepts, Approaches to Learning, and make links to the Learner Profile attributes and Foundations of Knowledge.