Physics :

The Year 10 Bridging Program Physics course covers both fundamental physics knowledge and learning skills, such as self-management, thinking, research and communication skills. Both theory and practical experiments should be undertaken by all students. The course allows students to develop traditional practical skills and techniques; it also allows students to develop interpersonal and digital communication skills which are essential in modern scientific endeavor, so they can emphasise a practical approach through experimental work.

Syllabus outline

The curriculum consists of the following core components:

1. Measurements and units

2. Force and motion

3. Force and pressure

4. Energy and power

5. Thermal effects

6. Waves and sounds

7. Electricity 

8. Magnets and currents

9. Atoms and radioactivity





1. 测量与单位

2. 力与运动

3. 压强

4. 功和能

5. 热效应

6. 声与波

7. 电学

8. 磁体和电流

9. 原子和放射性