To nurture our students into knowledgeable global citizens with an inquiring mind, creative talents and a deep sense of responsibility towards the international community.


B.  The SIPFLS IB School Philosophy 国际文凭(IB)学校的理念

As stated in the SIPFLS mission statement, we believe that our students, having acquired knowledge and skills, will act with integrity and discipline, with all diligence, to uphold good values and pursue excellence in a steadfast manner in all their endeavors so as to serve people across all cultures.


C.  Education Values 教育价值观

Preparing our young minds for future challenges, the team will conscientiously inculcate the school values of SIPFLS (Service, Innovation, Perseverance, Faith, Love, Self-control) in the students through positive modeling, reflection and interaction in authentic settings. To make this happen, students will actively participate in both academic and co-curricular activities in our programme.