English A

English A :

The Year 10 Language A: Language & Literature course is designed to give students a taste of the real DP course to come so as to prepare them for it. Therefore, in addition to the required skills in the subject such as analysing language and literature in context, students will also be taught the basic skills of approaching such analysis whether in writing or in oral tasks.

Under English A: Language & Literature, students will be learning the following topics in Year 10: Introduction to Poetry, Drama, Prose and Language and Communications. In each of them, they will be exposed to and be encouraged to draw links with Essential Studies/ Global Contexts issues, enquiry questions, IB Learner Profiles as well as International Mindedness. Various text types in everyday life as well as more unusual literary genres would be introduced to the students, as they build their skills of critical reading and creativity through interactive extension activities.

英语 A: