A-LEVEL课程(General Certificate of Education Advanced Level),是英国普通中等教育证书考试高级水平课程,也是英国学生的大学入学考试课程,以其严谨的学术性和普遍的实用性在全世界范围内得到高度认可,被160多个国家与地区,11000多所大学认可。

A-Level is an advanced level course in the UK General Secondary Education Certificate Examination and a university entrance exam course for UK students. A -Level courses are renowned for their academic rigour and value. They are welcomed by more than 160 countries and regions, and more than 11,000 universities around the world.

A Level 课程分成AS 和 A2两个阶段,一般情况下学生需要用一年的时间完成一个阶段的学习。

A-Level courses are divided into two stages: the AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and the A2. Students usually take one year to complete each of these parts.


We offer a variety of A-Level courses to improve comprehensive ability. We not only provide students with more course choices, but also meet the academic requirements of different majors in future university applications.