Visual Art

Visual Art :

The aim of the Year 10 bridging programme assists students’ smooth transition to IB Visual Art. Besides fundamental art techniques, students are expected to utilize their favorite art medium to illustrate different aspects of life, express and communicate emotion and form an individualized perspective with creativity.

The curriculum also encourages students to research independently and to compare and contrast the relationship between different cultures of countries, as well as cultivate their skills in critical thinking, divergent thinking and self-reflection.

Students will be learning the fundamental part of each of the following units in Year 10 bridging program:

  Introduction to Visual Verbal Journal

  Elements of Art

  Art making Practice: Portrait, Still-life

  Principle of Design & Theory of Color

  Art Making Practice: Watercolor

  Comparative study: Culture and History of Eras of Architecture in UK

  Art-making practice: Landscape

  Art-making practice: Portrait & Body

  Art-making practice: Animation Flip book, Stop motion

  Comparative Studies: Impressionism, Post-impressionism, neo-impressionism


十年级预科课程旨在帮助学生顺利进入IB 视觉艺术课程。教师不但要教会学生基本的艺术技能,使他们运用自己喜爱的艺术手段反映生活和表现生活,并创造性地表达、交流自己的情感和思想。