My Own Voice — IB High School Student Assembly


The IB division of SIPFLS sets aside a slot for a students’ Assembly every Wednesday. During this time, the student body meets to discuss divisional events, or share its achievements and reflections. The Student Council, with its teacher advisors, usually hosts the assembly, at which it announces important school information, facilitates communication, or presents prizes to outstanding students or teachers. It could be said that the assembly is an indispensable part of school life for every IB and IA student, and an avenue for encouraging meaningful decision-making within the confines of the student body.


At the beginning of September, the IB division has held two assemblies. At the first assembly, all IB students and teachers gathered in the auditorium. Mr. Murdoch Ian Mackay, Vice Principal of the IB division, hosted this assembly and warmly welcomed the new batch of Year 10 students.

开学到现在短短两周的时间,IB高中已组织了两次学生集会,旨在更好地为新学期做准备。首次学生集会,由 IB高中副校长Murdoch lan Mackay先生主持,全体IB学生和教师参加。Murdoch lan Mackay先生代表学部热情欢迎所有10年级的新同学,这是他们步入高中阶段后首次参加此活动,因此也显得格外有意义。

Mr. Joel Seow, Principal of the IB division, then gave a speech, “Our Journey Begins”, to the audience. He talked about the aims and challenges of the IB course, and offered some suggestions to students for the new academic year.  He led them to review the IB results and the university offers clinched by the classes of 2018 and 2019. This year, the batch of 2019 graduates surpassed all the division’s targets. Principal Joel invited all three grades of students, especially Grade 12, to set a collective goal. He said, “To get into the best universities, you need to put in your best effort”.

之后,IB高中校长Joel Seow先生发表了题为“我们的旅程已经开始”的讲话。他主要谈论了IB高中的目标和挑战,并为即将到来的新学期给同学们提出了建议。Joel Seow校长和同学们一同回顾了2018届和2019届毕业生们取得的成绩和斩获的大学录取成果。令人欣慰的是2019届的毕业生取得了比2018届毕业生更为卓越的成绩。相信这对目前的12年级的学生来说是莫大的鼓励。同时,Joel Seow校长带领所有年级的学生共同制定了下一个目标,他说“进入更好的大学,就是需要你尽自己最大的努力”。

Principal Joel showed a short video, “What an Amazing Inspirational Man”, which charts how a disabled man who lost his legs completed a physically arduous challenge that some normal people could not finish. Since he had a huge disadvantage compared to other competitors, it was extremely inspirational to witness his accomplishment. Principal Joel encouraged the students, “Like this man, life sometimes is unfair. Each of you are facing different challenges, be it language barriers, lack of research skills, or something else. But your goals are achievable. You have the chance to win the race to enter your dream university, so do your best!”

此外,Joel Seow校长也谈到了应该以何种态度来面对挑战。他播放了一段发人深省的视频。视频的主角是一位失去双腿但依然坚持完成竞跑挑战的残疾人士。这项挑战即使是正常人也很难坚持下来他却做到了。他坚强的意志和永不言弃的精神振奋了在场的每一个人。Joel Seow校长鼓励大家说:“就像这个人所面临的一样,生活有时候是不公平的,你们每个人都会面对不同的挑战,可能是语言上的障碍,可能是研究技能的缺乏。但只要你们的目标可行,就一定会有机会赢得你人生的这场竞跑,进入你梦寐以求的大学,所以奋力去拼搏吧!”

After Principal Joel’s speech, the Student Council presented the activities plan for the new academic year. The first task is to recruit and elect the new batch of Student Councilors.  Student Council advisor MS Claire Lee, and Student Council President Anthony Bolton, with other current Student Councilors, introduced the concept and goals of the Student Council, the benefits of joining, and the main events and tasks. Application forms were then distributed to the students who want to join the Student Council and thus function as “a bridge between the student body and the school”. The opening assembly ended with a preview of the upcoming events for this year. Students were exited to start their new year.

校长讲话结束之后,学生会展示了新学年的活动计划和安排。第一项计划是招募新一届学生会成员。学生会负责老师Claire Lee、现任学生会主席Anthony和其他现任学生会成员分别介绍了学生会的职责和使命,加入学生会给学生带来的成长和锻炼,以及学生会负责的主要活动和任务。之后,他们向有意向加入学生会的学生递送了申请表格。最后,学生会向大家展示了新学年里将要举办的重大活动。看得出,学生们已经满怀信心地开启了新学期的新征程。

The second assembly was hosted by the Student Council, who introduced the World Book Day, with its division of labor and timeline. They provided an elaborate guide to help each student understand how he or she could participate in the event and indicate what role they would be interested in. Preparations for the World Book Day are expected to be in full swing over the next two weeks.


All in all, the Assembly gives every student an opportunity to be involved in and contribute to the success of IB events.