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2020ETS Critical Thinking Challenge
牛刀小试锋芒露 春日迟迟佳报频

喜报! 园外学生2020ETS批判性思维挑战赛再创佳绩!

We would like to congratulate our students who have achieved good results in the 2020ETS Critical Thinking Challenge!



On December 13th, 2020, students from Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School took part in the Critical Thinking Challenge, which was held by both ETS and ASDAN, and they achieved good results at the end.




We would like to especially congratulate students Liu Guangyi and Pan Jiani, who had achieved a ranking in the highest tier of the competition, which places them in the top 10% of the country!




Now, let’s hear from them:




Y11IBDP Suki:

“When I participated in this critical thinking contest, I received not only an award, but also training in logical and critical thinking. Before the exam, the teacher trained us every Saturday. That was the first time I understood syllogisms and various fallacies, and my interest was piqued. In reasoning and deduction, language is no longer a simple sentence composed randomly, but a mathematical formula that is rich in internal logic and relevance. It is through exploration of the logic of language that our thinking can also be fully exercised, and this is important for our writing and speech. It also helps to improve the structure of arguments and makes the expression of our ideas coherent and convincing. This is a very interesting experience. Although the questions are not as difficult as I had imagined, there were many unexpected benefits for me and I learned a lot in the process.”




Y10APDP Ray:

“Earlier I learned about critical thinking, and gradually developed my thinking skills, which greatly benefited me. It wasn't until high school that I really came into contact with the core of critical thinking, which was to look at people and things with a critical eye, and to keep questioning and staying curious about everything. Through the teacher's guidance, my critical thinking ability gradually improved, and I went from accepting norms to examining and critiquing them. Although I am not completely satisfied with my analysis, I have come to understand what is "learning" and what is "criticism". "Learning" is to receive information from the outside world; "asking" is the process of removing irrelevance and extracting essence. Only by learning to critique, can we be sincere and diligent, and apply our knowledge in various fields. As Robert Ennis said, "The so-called critical thinking is a rational reflective thinking directed at the decision of what to believe or what to do.”




Y11IBDP Janey

“This competition encouraged me. I would like to thank the teachers for their diligent attentive guidance. They are very patient and helpful. Without their encouragement, I would not have won the prize.”



ASDAN 批判性思维挑战就是以 HEIghten 批判性思维测评为基础开展的学术竞技。题型覆盖了区分事实和观点,寻找论证隐含假设,对结论进行评价,对论证进行驳斥以及推理排序等方方面面。

Critical thinking is a basic academic ability that is highly valued by major universities in the world, and it is also a core ability for contemporary cultural exchanges and learning. Academic tests such as SAT and GRE, which are set by ETS, are very focused on critical thinking skills.

ASDAN Critical Thinking Challenge is an academic competition based on HEIghten's critical thinking test. The question types include distinguishing facts from opinions, searching for implicit hypotheses of arguments, evaluating conclusions, refuting arguments, and sorting inferences.




Our students stood out in this critical thinking challenge not only because of their strong logical reasoning ability, but also because of the school’s focus on using critical thinking and vision in everyday teaching and learning.




Let us once again congratulate the students who have won awards, and we hope our students will continue to do their best and achieve impressive results in more competitions!